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All reports of bad behaviour are to be made using the "report" button. They will normally be reviewed and dealt with as soon as possible, and Bobby Moss (the admin) will preserve the confidentiality of the reporter.

Please note that all content posted on Bobadon.rocks (even direct messages) can be reviewed by the admin at any time, but Bobby pledges to only do this when he's investigating a report.

Bobby Moss's word is law on this instance, and if you disturb the peace he reserves the right to revoke your content and access to Bobadon.rocks at any time, and for any reason.

The lists below are not exhaustive, they are simply provided to give users on this instance (and admins for other instances) an indication of the kinds of behaviour that are encouraged, discouraged and immediately banned here. This can be updated or amended at any time, and without warning. This was last edited on .

Please note: The definition of "excessive" is "excessive enough to annoy other users on the fediverse". Bobby will judge this on a case-by-case basis, and he still reserves the right to warn users about negative behaviour before he starts receiving reports from other users.

Behaviour We Encourage

  • Using a content warning (CW) for NSFW content, politics, religion, mental health, medical issues, violence/gore, sexual content/nudity, flashing video/gifs, illicit substances, hate topics & sub-toots about other users
  • Setting your posts to "Unlisted" or "Followers-only" by default so you are mindful of which toots you are posting to the local & federated timelines
  • Posting with "Unlisted" privacy when you recommend a hashtag to another user
  • Being a positive ambassador for this instance whenever you interact with other users and post to the federated timeline
  • Having positive, constructive & fun conversations with other fediverse users
  • Being polite, courteous and respectful to everyone you interact with, even when you disagree with them
  • Sharing your enthusiasm for things you are passionate about, while being mindful about flooding peoples' mentions
  • Sending supportive messages & donating money to other users that are going through a difficult time offline
  • Encouraging others to donate time & money to non-profit projects and good causes
  • Scrutinising news & rumours you see on the fediverse before reacting or forming opinions about them
  • Reporting bots and brands that need an instance-wide suspend or silence
  • Reporting instances that might need an instance-wide suspend or silence
  • Reporting users that might need an instance-wide suspend or silence

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Behaviour We Discourage

  • Being such a nuisance that another instance admin silences or suspends you
  • Failing to use content warnings where appropriate (if in doubt, use a content warning)
  • Posting images without alt text
  • Spreading misinformation because you didn't verify the source & facts first
  • Plagiarising another user’s toot
  • Posting other peoples' work/photos/art without appropriate credit
  • Excessive "Rick-rolling" or poop-tooting
  • Excessive self-promotion and/or excessive linking to crowdfunding campaigns
  • Excessive swearing and offensive language
  • Making "not politically correct" jokes
  • Defending poor behaviour on the grounds you did it "ironically" or "as a joke"
  • Tagging a user currently on the receiving end of targeted harassment in any new toots until they post to say that is okay (report the incident instead)
  • "Snitch-tagging" users that are being sub-tooted by someone else
  • Sending any direct messages to users that do not already follow you, unless it's the admin of this or another instance
  • "Sealioning" someone you disagree with, regardless of who or what you think you're defending
  • "Playing devil's advocate" when this clearly wasn't asked for
  • Contradicting users that don't already follow you with an unsolicited reply
  • Providing long-winded explanations to other users about things they already know about
  • Offering unsolicited advice without a content warning when someone is clearly just venting about something that has annoyed, frustrated or upset them
  • Sharing screenshots of another user's toots on the federated timeline without their permission
  • Posting, sharing or linking to zero-day security vulnerabilities before they have been patched and without a practical temporary work-around
  • Complaining about how Bobby runs this instance on the federated timeline
  • Arguing with Bobby when he takes the time to warn and educate you about negative behaviour

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Behaviour We Suspend Accounts Without Warning For

  • Doing anything that might be considered illegal online activity in the United Kingdom, the European Union, or the United States of America
  • Continuing to engage with the same discouraged behaviours despite previous warnings
  • Using this server to facilitate cryptocurrency mining or advocate the use of cryptocurrencies
  • Refusing to use content warnings and insisting their use is immoral and an attack on free speech
  • Directing other users to harass, report, mute or block another user for refusing to respond further to your arguments or for muting/blocking/reporting you
  • Stalking and/or harassing other users for any reason
  • Intentionally posting, boosting or linking to libel, slander and/or disinformation about any organisation, country or individual
  • Being a public figure/celebrity that's a hassle to support
  • Posting any images of children without their parent or legal guardian's prior consent
  • Posting, sharing or linking to images or video of sexual depictions of children, or children that are dead, injured or mutilated
  • Posting toots or following users from your account using a "bot" script
  • Using your account to impersonate someone else (even if it's a "celebrity joke" profile)
  • Using your account as a mirror for a different account on an external web service such as Twitter or Facebook, and then not engaging with other fediverse users at all
  • Being racist, xenophobic, a nazi, denying the holocaust or advocating/endorsing these views
  • Being sexist, racist, homophobic or in any way discriminating against or advocating for the oppression of other human beings based on their physical attributes, age, finances, upbringing, nationality, disabilities or religious/non-religious beliefs
  • Posting or sharing any edgelord nonsense
  • Posting about or linking to fake news sites and/or obvious scams
  • Posting paid advertisements or sponsored toots on the local or federated timeline
  • Posting anyone's demographic, personal or private data without explicit written permission from that person
  • Being such a nuisance that one or more other instance admins have good reasons for threatening to silence or suspend everyone on Bobadon.rocks unless action is taken against you
  • Being such a nuisance that Bobby decides you're taking up far too much of his time and he no longer wants to host your account on the instance he pays for and moderates

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Suspended Instances

This instance shadows the "Blocked Instances" list on toot.cafe, and then adds additional users & instances to it.

To avoid the admin being harassed a full list is not published here, but it is available on request.

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Instance Policies

  • Anyone can create or delete an account
  • Public timeline is displayed on landing page in addition to local toots
  • Sensitive media is not used by OpenGraph
  • We do not publish a list of discovered instances
  • Profile directory is disabled to preserve user privacy
  • The instance defaults to the "Mastodon (light)" theme
  • Custom CSS has been applied to always display underlines on hyperlinks
  • No custom emoji has been added to this server yet

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