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As an FYI btw I've not uploaded any new FOSDEM session videos to @bts this weekend, but they should start appearing again from tomorrow (Monday) evening 🙂

I've also fiddled around before with MoneyDance and Home Accountz, so can confirm that those other options are worth a look. 👍

I want to recommend GNUCash and HomeBank, but the former requires double-entry accounting (eww!) and the latter crashes *a lot*

Here's a great article from Gadgette on Millenials being "the burnout generation" and some useful finance apps that can help:

My recommendations for tracking finances offline if you're not well-versed with accounts (i.e. me!):

Windows: Microsoft Money (sunset release)
Mac: iCompta
Linux: LibreOffice Calc

Also thank you to @aral for making the "better" blocker.

I've now set that up on the iPhone 7 I bought second hand and the Mac Mini I'm currently fiddling with. 👍

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My controversial opinion for today is that TextWrangler is better than the Atom editor.

*ducks for cover*

(I’m not sure if that’s still true today, but as we no longer use rotary phones and have caller ID it probably wouldn’t be the infidelity detector it once was anyway 😂)

I’m seeing a lot of “vocal range” screenshots, so here’s a fun fact I learned when I worked for British Telecom.

When the telephone was originally invented it was calibrated for the male vocal range, but not the female one.

The practical upshot of this for straight women was that they could always tell which man they were talking to, but their cheating husbands couldn’t tell if they were talking to their wife or their mistress.

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Arch Linux is Ubuntu for people with way too much time on their hands

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It suddenly occurred to me that many people on here may have never seen the masterpiece that is "Don't Copy That Floppy"

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I'm sure everyone knows about them, but here's a reminder that harvest mice exist.

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Restoring an old Mac Mini Show more

The added amusement factor is that this is going to be sent all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, and their initial suggestion was asking me to send it back & refunding the return postage. 🤦‍♂️

I'm genuinely intrigued to find out what their other customer who's getting "Railroad Tycoon" now ordered... 🤔

(And yes, they are refunding me)

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