You know how a few weeks back I mentioned how cool it was that Al Lowe was selling copies of the original source code for Leisure Suit Larry and other Sierra games?

Well... Activision put a stop to that!

@LibertyPaulM toots about tech news

@ChrisWere runs a ridiculously useful neocities site

@theoutrider writes well-sculpted pooptoots

@nolan created a Mastodon client called

@jacethechicken is the most powerful chicken on mastodon

@chartier & @starbreaker like Facebook about as much as I do (not at all)

@TheEnbyperor will add more Welshness to your home stream

@InvaderXan is a cool green-fingered person

@checkervest agrees that Master Bra'tac is awesome

Facebook is going to be investigated by Irish regulators for its recent spate of data breaches (most recently, a bug that exposed the photos of 6.8 million users)

This is significant, because a GDPR fine is % of turnover and not a fixed number. It could cost the company billions.

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When I grew up it was always a tradition that you put up decorations 12 days before Christmas and took them down 12 days after.

So if you're surprised my living room doesn't look festive yet, that's why I don't view myself as a giant "bah humbug!" in a stripey jumper. πŸ˜…

I have a four day weekend ahead of me!

It's likely to involve finally putting up the Christmas decorations, wrapping presents, fetching an early '90s Apple computer from half way across the country and fiddling with a new Raspberry Pi NAS that'll replace an old one.

With some luck I'll have a blog post out about the Raspberry Pi thing soon(ish)

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My journey with smartphones Show more

My journey with smartphones Show more

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discord combines all the stuff I hate about technology:
- javascript
- electron
- proprietary
- unreliable
- spyware
- bloat

it's like someone designed this to fuck me up as much as possible

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@vanicpanic I'm definitely looking forward to getting my hands on it.

The seller is also bundling ClarisWorks, the original software install disks & manuals, an RGB monitor and a pair of StyleWriter printers. 🀩

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On the topic of these consent flows, here you can see an approved GDPR-compliant flow. It’s not worth it. It’s impossible to make a good experience out of gaining consent for collecting people’s personal data. It’s too risky and expensive to build a business model from it.

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me: hey Siri, send a text to my mum. say "Hi Mum,"----

siri: i can't find HIMUM. did you want me to

me: no--

siri: i've unloaded HIMEM.SYS for you. Is there anyth Out of memory

My journey with smartphones Show more

My journey with smartphones Show more

My journey with smartphones Show more

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Running Linux on a phone works really well!! I am looking forward to when I can just carry one device to use as my phone and work computer!!

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