When I grew up it was always a tradition that you put up decorations 12 days before Christmas and took them down 12 days after.

So if you're surprised my living room doesn't look festive yet, that's why I don't view myself as a giant "bah humbug!" in a stripey jumper. πŸ˜…

My tea, coffee and biscuit cupboard is finally back at normal levels. This makes me unreasonably happy, and this is probably the most English toot I've ever posted.

This new influx of people means we're going to have to re-explain CWs again, doesn't it?

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I got bored and remembered I rarely do selfies, so I took some inspiration from @maloki πŸ‘

Now writing docs while bopping along to The Killers "Battleborn" album. Would recommend πŸ‘

People are talking about Bob the Builder again...

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And now for the iBook G4. I'll also be replacing the worn down keyboard with this replacement one (once I've given it a jolly good scrub!)

For those interested, here's Classila (the Mac OS9 port of Firefox) running on a G3 iMac.

Speaking of old computers, the tricky problem is figuring out how to store them.

On the upside, this limitation does help me avoid an empty bank account πŸ˜…

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I'm pleased to announce that Mastodome 0.2 has now been released!


New features in this desktop Mastodon client:
* Creates toots with content warnings and different privacy levels
* Displays content warnings and image alt text in the toot stream
* Displays full content of Notifications
* Remembers previous logins and provides a passwordless user switcher
* Supports resizing the main window
* Runs on Python 3 and Qt 5

And it just arrived in the mail!

I've not opened it or set it up yet though. The plan is to dangle it like a carrot on a stick in front of myself. I'm not allowed to play it until I finish Mastodome 0.2!

Yes, I am inexplicably awake at 5am on a Sunday. What of it?

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Not even kidding, I had my Mad Catz joystick setup and ready to refresh my piloting skills.

Alas, my makeshift cockpit shall have to wait another day. πŸ˜…

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