My controversial opinion for today is that TextWrangler is better than the Atom editor.

*ducks for cover*

I don't think that's hard. Atom was underwhelming when I tried it.

@ProfessorBitRot I agree.

"Replace curved quotes with straight ones"

TW: Text > Straighten Quotes
Atom: Do a find & replace for double-quotes then click "Apply All". Now do the same for double-quotes at the end of a sentence, and twice again for single quotes.

"Get rid of weird characters"

TW: Text > Zap Gremlins
Atom: LOL Good luck with that!

"Fix tabs, quotes, indents, whitespace, etc"

TW: It's all in the Text menu & won't add tabs if you prefer spaces
Atom: Maybe install a plugin?

@ProfessorBitRot I think Atom makes a lot more sense if you're using it as a lightweight replacement to an IDE.

But if you're writing long-form content or pasting blog posts you wrote in LibreOffice Writer into a HTML template it is *not* fun to use 😅

I tried it when I was learning nodejs and after a few days switched back to using tmux and vim. I was alarmed at how heavy it was on my Celeron N2807. And requiring a dozen or so plugins to give me the same basic functionality as other text editors was infuriaring. Not a positive experience.

@bobstechsite You mean BBEdit, TextWrangler's dead. If you like it, pay Rich for it. He got $130 decades ago and a bunch of upgrades from me, 100% worth it. It's cheaper now.

And it depends. For text, Markdown, and simple languages like shell, Python, & C, BBEdit's fantastic. For things that need tools and REPL integration like JS, Scheme, & Julia, Atom is a saner solution.

@mdhughes contrary to what their website will have you believe, TextWrangler does still work and is still free to download through the Mac App Store 😜

And you've hit the nail on the head of what I said further down in the thread. As a lightweight IDE atom makes sense. For long-form content and pasting text into a HTML template it's... not great.

I haven't tried Sublime text yet, so that's another potential option that I'm kicking around 🙂

@bobstechsite TW's not going to work in Snow Mojave or whatever this year, when Carbon & 32-bit is finally removed.

I also used to be a big jedit user, very scriptable like BBEdit but more almost-IDE like Atom. And of course Vim is amazing if you spend 20 years practicing & writing vimrc functions.

@mdhughes noted!

I'm running macOS on a mid-2010 Mac Mini, so High Sierra is the newest Apple operating system I can run on this thing. One could say my circumstances therefore are somewhat unique 😅

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