I'm tempted to do an MIT-licensed "0.3" release of Mastodome with some final bug-fixes. 🤔

The main problem is that as a code project it doesn't spark any particular enthusiasm for me any more. Plus, there are now compelling Mastodon clients for the Linux desktop like Whalebird and Tooter.

I still think leaving the code available is worthwhile as it's still a cool PyQt and Mastodon.py working example I'm proud of. 🙂

At the end of the day, it brought me a couple of months of joy in 2018 and it does implement some basic functionality, so I still consider the project a success. 👍


Right, here's Mastodome's "sunset" release: gitlab.com/bobstechsite/mastod

The main new features are re-licensing it under MIT, updating the docs and simplifying the setup steps.

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