I'm aware this is a birdsite link, but for those of you unaware: The UK government seized incriminating papers about .

They just made them public!

Here's the direct link to the findings from those documents:

It is really quite damning.

* Facebook deliberately obscured from users what information they were collecting about them & how to opt out

* Facebook used its monopoly to cripple competing applications and services

* Facebook signed agreements to acquire data other app developers collected in exchange for some of its own

* Companies could circumvent user permissions by signing an agreement with Facebook

@bobstechsite but "we" suspected this all along, and told our families and friends about it. I deleted my account few years back because it was looking bad.
Blame yourselves if you willingly stayed within those walled gardens for that tiny hit of dopamine because of likes and hollow comments.

@livestradamus @bobstechsite you cannot just blame people for being humanly flawed, AI makes the addictive power of the platform even more powerful with the fitting to be so accurate.
many people are discouraged to look elsewhere because of psychological torture Facebook pressures them. it is just not only their fault, and we better address that if we want people to become curious and try things that would not enslave them

@tykayn @bobstechsite I can and I do.
People should start taking ownership of their decisions and not have the nanny state wipe their asses too.

@livestradamus @tykayn the fact is that deleting Facebook doesn't unfortunately save you from Facebook, as they just get your data by other means (either from friends and family, or as we've just learned from mobile app developers)

Until very recently they also bought data from data brokers like experian, so if you've ever had a credit check they know about you.

This barely even scratches the surface of what they're doing. 3 million users left over Cambridge Analytica and it barely made a dent

@bobstechsite @livestradamus indeed, I follow what #framasoft and @LaQuadrature , they are well informed about all the bad and ugly about the #gafam.
a great step would be to build a bridge to find #facebook friends on #mastodon, just like the #twitter bridge.
all other concerns are way more difficult to grab and to escape. FB also had a deal with many #smartphones makers to grab data. and a few people only can tweak the OS of their phone. bridge is a good start

@bobstechsite @tykayn so the answer is to have the government regulate the internet even more. You're going to tie your gov id to every account, need a license to run a server.
Do you see where I'm going with this?

@livestradamus @tykayn I'm suggesting Facebook might need regulation to ensure users have informed consent over the data they share with that site, and also restrictions placed on the transfer of data.

This is not about placing restrictions on people, it's about correcting an inequity of power between a large multi-billion dollar corporation that doesn't pay tax and its users.

I would argue at this point government doesn't need what you're suggesting, because they can just get it from Facebook

@bobstechsite @tykayn I've not much more to add.
Happy to revisit this thread next year and toot a few I told you so's.

@livestradamus @tykayn feel free. If I was right about everything that'd be a very dull existence 😁

I remember 5 years ago being of a very *erhem* "libertarian" persuasion. My political philosophy has shifted to accept the state as a moderating force on the free market.

@bobstechsite @tykayn I might be considered in some circles libertarian but not describing myself in that word because the complete insanity many of them have attached themselves to in the past few years.
I will always choose Pro freedom, pro free market (not capitalism) over regulation.

And I'll never stop being anti state (and anti anyone claiming to be representing me).
We've seen this film before.. over and over and over again

@bobstechsite @livestradamus did you just describe #gdpr ? because it requires that and fb is facing many suing and big bucks to pay right now in Europe :D

@tykayn @livestradamus unfortunately Cambridge Analytica and the rest happened before GDPR came into force.

As a result in the UK they've received a pretty paltry fine (£500,000 is pocket change for them), and surprisingly they're still appealing it.

@livestradamus @bobstechsite I personally saw that the best way to make people take a move is to accept that they are not as aware as we are about what we think is important.
not blaming them for that is also a huge part of helping them.
listening to arguments is essential too.
#privacy is not easy to grasp for many, especially those who think they will always be on the legit side of anything. of course they don't know how it works. but that's ok

@bobstechsite Do you know if this doc is online anywhere else? I can't access it across three devices, the page just hangs. I wonder if it's slammed.

@chartier attempt 2 on answering that question!

If you go to the birdsite link, Carole Cadwalladr has included an image of the summary page.

It's also possible that downloading the PDF file using Twitter's CDN gives you more luck.

If all else fails let me know and I'll see if I can find somewhere free to host it.

@bobstechsite Ah yes, she has quite a bit linked there. That works, thanks.

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