I'm pleased to announce that Mastodome 0.2 has now been released!

New features in this desktop Mastodon client:
* Creates toots with content warnings and different privacy levels
* Displays content warnings and image alt text in the toot stream
* Displays full content of Notifications
* Remembers previous logins and provides a passwordless user switcher
* Supports resizing the main window
* Runs on Python 3 and Qt 5

I will write a blog post for this in due course. 🙂

Hopefully I can deliver 0.3 a bit more quickly. That's the release I'm hoping to support boosts/stars/replies and the ability to follow/unfollow/block/mute other users.

Also thank you to @srol and @kev, who both wrote blog posts I refer to in the README 👍

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