Bobby Moss

If you ever find I boost your toot then immediately unboost it, it's because Mastodon refreshed the stream just as I was trying to open up a CW. 🤦‍♂️

God I hate the dynamic web. It's like opening up your refrigerator, reaching in to grab a bottle of orange juice, then just as your hand is about to grab it the bottle disappears and you smash your hand into half a dozen eggs instead.

@bobstechsite Hold up. I feel like this was a metaphor given by Bryan Lunduke in a talk. . . . 🤔

All the same, I even tooted about it in a response to someone. Like, Imagine this scenario:

*Tries to click on "TOOT!" button; button moves and a shaddy advertisement with an anime girl being the focus takes its place and another window opens up with the awful text-to-speech voice saying "make $1000000 fast" and . . .*

This. This is hell. Thanks, dynamic loading webpages! 😤

@Duplicitous that's exactly where I got it from 😄

He's not on Mastodon anymore so I'm not able to credit Bryan Lunduke with an "@". But here's the Patreon link for those reading along:

@bobstechsite On my other account, (on mstdn (dot) io), my first toot literally embodies why he's not on Mastodon anymore. The instance he was on (and I was on) "nuked itself" (in his words) and virtually nobody could log into their accounts anymore (though the data of the accounts still exist I think?).


@Duplicitous I think for someone like Bryan self-hosting is probably a more sensible route.

That said, I initially joined on the wrong instance (, then moved across to I only started hosting my own instance on very recently because I discovered & knew I wouldn't have to deal with upgrades and database maintenance

@bobstechsite understood Bobby. Sending some Universal love❤🎶 <3 to all in here

@bobstechsite same happens regularly on twitter when you want to do a thread... i don't see how we could stop auto-refresh dynamically, maybe with some mouse gesture ? like the pulling on mobile phones ?

Tusky crashed while I was attempting to read this aloud to someone. Self referential doooom.

@bobstechsite there should be a word for this kind of mis-click. happens all too often

@bobstechsite Maybe there is something to disable the automatic updates?

@bobstechsite there's a setting to ask you to confirm before you boost things! prevents these kinda things and you can still shift-click to skip the confirmation dialog

@codl Noted! I've now gone ahead and checked the box to require confirmation for boosts in Settings > Preferences.

This should make my life infinitely better 😅

@bobstechsite I'm glad you've said this. Because while I love that I'm not having to continually reload, the fact that this sort of thing happens to me at a regular basis (though I'm not sure I've boosted anything accidentally) and sometimes it's because I am not paying close enough attention, but often enough I can be sure that it's because of this very thing.

@JigmeDatse I'm pleased to say that posting this toot also led @codl to point out you can check a box in settings so you can't boost things without clicking 'OK' on a dialogue.

It's not perfect, but hopefully it means less accidental spam on peoples' feeds 😅

@bobstechsite search on iOS is exactly like this. Try to search, want to click on app or whatever, screen refreshes the instant your finger touches the screen and now you're opening something else

@trwnh @Gargron hard to say, but it definitely meant a *lot* of notifications. 😂

It was pointed out to me there's a config setting that when enabled pops up a dialogue box to confirm I actually want to boost a toot. But it would be helpful to have a way of changing the stream update behaviour for the browser UI.

@trwnh @bobstechsite It doesn't mean anything except that I found the analogy very entertaining

@bobstechsite I know that frustration. Dammit, I was *just about* to click on that! WHY DID YOU DUCK?!!

@bobstechsite Plus on mobile (any touchscreen, I suppose) there's the issue of accidentally tapping when you're trying to scroll. A friend of mine coined the term "scrick" for "scroll-click."

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