I should clarify that while I am now hosting my own Mastodon server, it's currently configured to be single-user.

I'm aware though that my hosting plan gives me capacity for up to 100 user accounts. So I may open up registrations to the wider fediverse once I better understand what's involved with being an admin/moderator.


I've had a week to think about this.

I think my response if people ask "can I join your instance Bob?" will be "no, make your own!" 😅

This isn't a greediness thing. I think it's a cool idea for people to take control of their own data and computing. 💻

Besides, giving masto.host €5 a month to keep them running is going to work out better for the wider community than paying me $1 to spend my free time policing an instance.

@bobstechsite Same. I have no desire to have to manage other people’s behaviour. Hard enough keeping myself in check.

@bobstechsite I completely agree with the latter. masto.host is a gift to the world.

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Bobadon.rocks is a general purpose instance created by Bobby Moss for his own personal use. He is now sharing the free user slots masto.host provides with those looking to host their accounts away from larger instances like mastodon.social.