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I've just released the latest episode of the Bob's Tech Site

It's appropriately named "A bit belated" πŸ‘

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Updated πŸ˜€

I'm a bi dude who lives in the South West of England.

I write technical documentation for Oracle Linux & related Virtualization products for a living. In past lives I developed big enterprise Java systems & wrote tutorials for Linux Format magazine.

I run a blog called "Bob's Tech Site" all about my code & retrocomputing projects. I write Linuxy tutorials for it too.

You will also see me tooting about politics & tech/non-tech hobbies of mine.

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I've had a week to think about this.

I think my response if people ask "can I join your instance Bob?" will be "no, make your own!" πŸ˜…

This isn't a greediness thing. I think it's a cool idea for people to take control of their own data and computing. πŸ’»

Besides, giving €5 a month to keep them running is going to work out better for the wider community than paying me $1 to spend my free time policing an instance.

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The Key Principles of the IndieWeb.

β€” Own your data, content, metadata and your identity.
β€” Publish data for humans first, machines second.
β€” Scratch Your Own Itches. Make tools, templates, etc. for yourself first.
β€” Use what you make!
β€” Document your stuff.
β€” Open source your stuff!
β€” UX and design is more important than protocols, formats, and data models.
β€” Build platform agnostic platforms.
β€” Longevity. Build for the long web.
β€” Plurality.
β€” Have fun.

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@bobstechsite self-hosting is one of the most practical implementations of internetworking freedom idealism. regardless of whether you've the resources to offer service to others or only to yourself, it truly is an inherently noble effort.

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Don’t forget to thank your local mastodon instance admin πŸ€“

I'm my own instance admin and the only user on this server, so I'm giving myself a pat on the back for doing such a great job. πŸŽ‰

Some might say this is conceited, but I'm calling it self-care! 😁

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I know "Cheese" gets a bad rap, but in 2009 when laptop webcams finally started working on Linux we were collectively filled with pride that this actually existed.

And if you think it's just Linux nerds that liked this silly kind of software toy, you clearly missed the "Photobooth" era of Mac OSX 😁

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The other option I believe is LineageOS, which is a continuation of CyanogenMod

There's a fully "de-Googled" version that uses micro G instead of Google's own play services:

LineageOS supports a *lot* more devices on account of its decision to keep driver binary blobs.

For those wondering what on Earth "replicant" is, it's a fully-free community fork of Android.

To get WiFi or Bluetooth you normally have to add an external adapter or dongle because of the highly proprietary versions most smartphone manufacturers use.

What killed my SGS3 plans was that 4.2 worked (but crashed a lot) while 6.0 didn't πŸ˜…

What I wouldn't give for a smartphone that was basically the FairPhone 2 or Purism Librem 5, but *way* cheaper.

The closest I've come up with is the idea of getting a second hand phone to run Replicant. (I say "the idea of" as I failed miserably last year when I tried to get it to work properly on an old Samsung Galaxy S3)

Random discovery of the morning: If you're British, you can buy clearance Ubuntu laptops directly from Dell for dirt cheap

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So seeing as this is, I feel like I should tell an appropriate story as my first set of posts here. Let me tell you about Baron Von Kittenstein and The Prof, and how they adopted me...

My experience with Wine (Linux) Show more

My experience with Wine (Linux) Show more

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Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator CS6 work amazingly well in Linux. I have noticed no problems at all running under Wine 3.4.

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In a parallel universe where Ubuntu hadn't provided the "install alongside Windows" option (which it did about 10 years ago), I'd be writing enterprise Java on a Windows 10 machine, blissfully unaware of the existence of free software and believing that privacy is dead if Mark Zuckerberg says so.


Dear #purists and #absolutists,

It's great to be clean and pure yourself, but sometimes you have step into the mud to pull out others who are stuck in it.

#windows #ubuntu #privacy #freesoftware

The Bloomberg article is a hard one to judge.

There's a huge number of denials from the US government and many large corporations, but Bloomberg insists they have credible sources.

Either something's being covered up or the accusation is cleverly-crafted disinformation.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for Bloomberg to retract their SuperMicro supply chain attack story.

β€œWe turned the company upside down,” Cook said. β€œEmail searches, data center records, financial records, shipment records. We really forensically whipped through the company to dig very deep and each time we came back to the same conclusion: This did not happen. There’s no truth to this.”

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@bobstechsite I am actually pretty out-of-touch with how men feel because I don't have a particularly masculine spirit, but I also do relate 100% with the "making new friends" thing, I think that was due to socialization.

I went on a pretty long tootstream related to this topic yesterday, including a link to a haunting article about how men are fucked, and not in a good way, when it comes to close friendships. Thread:

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