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I now have a placeholder peertube account at @bts

My hope is that a well-supported ".social" isn't going to randomly disappear after I've started to post content on it πŸ˜…

(I would have self-hosted, but I don't want to become a node developer just to do so)

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As it's been repeatedly suggested to me over the last year or so that I should set one up, I now have a Liberapay link that accepts incoming donations:

I don't have particularly high expectations tbh and don't expect it to ever cover the cost of my time, web domains, hosting & podcasting/computing/video equipment. But if you like what I do that's now a thing that exists πŸ‘

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I'm pleased to announce that Mastodome 0.2 has now been released!

New features in this desktop Mastodon client:
* Creates toots with content warnings and different privacy levels
* Displays content warnings and image alt text in the toot stream
* Displays full content of Notifications
* Remembers previous logins and provides a passwordless user switcher
* Supports resizing the main window
* Runs on Python 3 and Qt 5

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If you want to run your own #Mastodon instance but don't want to do techie stuff, you can get fully managed hosting from Masto.Host:

They're also on Mastodon at:


You control your instance, they do the behind-the-scenes technical maintenance.


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This happens even if you're serious and just talking about it. I started mentioning getting back into computers and all of a sudden, before I even started joking about it, I was getting whole threads telling me what Linux is.
At one point I got told I should try Ubuntu because debian with xfce could be difficult for me. I'd already mentioned using it for over a decade.

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It still weirds me out a little that Gorillaz and the Powerpuff Girls officially exist in the same universe.

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Great. I finally get most of my tools replaced by cross-platform alternatives and now I'm stuck with Autodesk Inventor being a Windows-only thing that barely functions on wine.

I suppose there's LibreCAD but it's just not as good.

Need to solve this by 2020 when Windows 7 finally dies.

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Fossil fuel companies: *responsible for an overwhelming majority of GHG's*
Some Joker on a blog: SToP EATIng MEat To sAVE the PlaNET

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Unrelated to my previous two posts, I was just struck by the again, and I swear this is earnest and not a shitpost. I really love the "X can get it" hornt expression. it's, like, the inverse of phrases like, "I'd hit that". This is gonna be a thread, I guess.

Ironically I was actually looking these figures up to express shock & dismay at Microsoft axing support for Windows 7 early next year when it's still the most popular OS currently in use, but that is pretty humbling.

I guess the solace Linux can take is it dominates every other device category.

Star Trek Discovery has a new season?! 🀩

I'm hoping it's a bit more consistent than season 1. The first few episodes almost lost me, but it won me over with Harry Mudd's time loop episode.

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Mastodon is just like Sheldon Cooper because

- we suck
- nobody wants to be around us
- we all hate wil wheaton

If you want to upset people, try to spell yoghurt.

Or is it yogurt?

Maybe yoghourt?

Also, the gif I attached to this is terrifying. Maybe don't look at it.

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For background, I bought this because the hard drive in the Apple Macintosh LC II I've been restoring died after just a few hours of use 😭

While this adapter was upsettingly expensive (setting me back £70), it was a lot cheaper than compatible SCSI drives (£100+ unless you luck out and spot one at a car boot sale), makes copying files to that old Mac easier and it can be reused in future projects. 😁

If you know what this contraption is without reading the upside-down writing on the board itself or the alt text, give yourself a pat on the back for knowing something obscure!

This weekend's objectives:
* Clean my house from top to bottom now all the DIY is done & I have places to put things now
* Call my parents (they want to visit soon)
* Write my first blog post of 2019

The most likely idea is some kind of beginner's guide to making a handwritten website on neocities.

I also want to write a blog post on my experience with podcasting, but that'll probably be written in the coming weeks instead.

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